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Nine Days
is a rock band formed in Long Island by John Hampson and Brian Desveaux, their debut album, “The Madding Crowd”, was released in 2000, marking Nine Days' entrance to the music scene. Their greatest popularity came from a handful of hits from The Madding Crowd such as "Absolutely (Story of a Girl)"

Named after the amount of time they had to record their first record, ninedays began in around 1994 when talented songwriters Brian Desveaux and John Hampson started writing songs together after spending years in other bands playing in and around New York.

Once joined by bassist Nick Dimichino, drummer Vincent Tattanelli and keyboardist Jeremy Dean, the band began to write and record a vast array of songs full of heartfelt emotion, personal triumphs and tragedies, together with melodic hooks, quickly turning this fresh new band into an exciting live act.

The hurried recording of their first album, 1995's Something To Listen To, then gave ninedays the impetus to follow that with an album named after their Monday night residency at a local popular club, Monday Songs, a year later. Further success followed as they were winners of WBAB's Home-grown Talent Search and WLIR's Best Unsigned band competition and with the recording of yet another album, 1998's simply titled Three, it wouldn't be long before the major labels would show their interest.

ninedays then signed with Sony's 550 Music (a label also home to North Carolina's Ben Folds Five) and released their major label debut, The Madding Crowd in 2000, winning the band both critical and commercial acclaim. Due to the phenomenal success of the single Absolutely (Story of a Girl), the album went gold, making the world stand up and take notice of this band from Long Island. The album, named after Thomas Hardy's novel 'Far From The Madding Crowd' contained a range of songs that audiences could not only love but also relate to and so the focus then turned to the writing and recording of the follow-up.


The answer to all those questions, and more, lay in the spectacular and hard-rocking So Happily Unsatisfied, an album full of the hooks, riffs and beautiful lyrics contained in previous albums but with an edge never before seen or heard in a Nine Days record. Originally due for a Summer and then Autumn 2002 release, plans were then postponed in October of that year in order to prevent the album from being "lost in the crowd" of all the other albums due for a similar release date. Regardless of the quality of excuse given, in this case poor, the fact remained that the album that could change the fortunes of ninedays was stuck somewhere between the cutting room floor and a whole bunch of red tape. Only a few months later, Sony and ninedays parted company.

Much of early 2003 was taken up by lengthy negotiations between the band and record label to somehow get the much anticipated album released, however, these talks failed, leaving Nine Days with an album they couldn't release and Sony with an album they clearly didn't want to be released.

ninedays got down to doing what they do best, returning in late 2003 with a brand new album, the aptly titled

Flying The Corporate Jet.

Flying The Corporate Jet is SOLD OUT

With appearances on compilations and success in Internet charts, the future of ninedays has never looked so promising and has never been in safer hands, their own. Right now the band is reherasing and in the studio having a good time while making some good music. More to come so check back for surprise mp3s from time to time!

Although the band is still together and perform shows, both vocal artists, John Hampson and Brian Desveaux have pursued solo careers and their music is available for purchase from their websites, [John's site] and [Brian's site] respectively.

Recent news has suggested, however, that the band is actively touring in the New York area at the moment, and are reuniting to release a full-length CD comprising of a number of new songs and a few remixed versions of former solo efforts. Recording is believed to begin in mid-August of 2006 with a December 2006 released date.